Friday, September 30, 2005

Start Me Up

Had one of the worst starts to my day for a long time:

Chaand Ko Tod Doonga, Sooraj Ko Mod Doonga,
Tu Ek Baar Jo Haan Kar De, Main Pehli Waali Chhod Doonga.
-- Shaadi No.1

The only saving grace being that it wasn't sung by Anu Malik in his throat-and-nasal infected voice.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Confusion Reigns

Had an interesting discussion with a friend. This guy got the job that he asked for, but now that he has it, there's a feeling of emptiness within him and is wondering whether he actually wants it. A typical example of post-MBA confusion.

MBA's are supposed to be well-informed individuals making prudent career choices. But, aren't we a bit over-rated??? Lest one labels our breed as 'Unappreciative Little Bastards', let me clarify, we are neither 'Unappreciative' nor 'Bastards'. WE ARE CONFUSED!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Desperately Seeking Someone

A friend of mine asked "How come you do not have a bevy of beauties surrounding you, though you have all the pre-requisites - Maturity, Sense of Humour, Smart, Intelligent, Damn good quizmaster and of course Wallet Size."

Well actually, I cannot bear girls who listen to Boyzone and MLTR and read Mills & Boon even at the age of 20+. I mean, don't these gals grow up? And of course, the age-old crying phenomenon and the red-roses-teddy-bears nonsense. What happened to good-old Flower Power Chicks? Has God developed a snag in his production facility? Or, is there a problem in the Indian reproductive system?

I am 25 and greying already. What sort of a life is this, when the only proposals I get are those related to credit!!!