Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Desperately Seeking Someone

A friend of mine asked "How come you do not have a bevy of beauties surrounding you, though you have all the pre-requisites - Maturity, Sense of Humour, Smart, Intelligent, Damn good quizmaster and of course Wallet Size."

Well actually, I cannot bear girls who listen to Boyzone and MLTR and read Mills & Boon even at the age of 20+. I mean, don't these gals grow up? And of course, the age-old crying phenomenon and the red-roses-teddy-bears nonsense. What happened to good-old Flower Power Chicks? Has God developed a snag in his production facility? Or, is there a problem in the Indian reproductive system?

I am 25 and greying already. What sort of a life is this, when the only proposals I get are those related to credit!!!


Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

flower power was about bohemianism, anti- establishment .. clearly you are not anti establishment .. you earn a salary .. what sort of a bohemian girl would fancy that..

so you aint getting ne where close to a bohemian for sure..

besides.. mills and boons and red roses is a very old and done to death stereotype..
how would you like if i was to pigeonhole you as a geek , who knows too much trivia, works in an MNC and is a chauvinist with the victorian sense of morality which even the victorians have long ago given up...

urs truly,
the literate devil

3:53 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

Thanks a lot for clarifying what flower power was about. Until now, I thought of it as certain champa-chameli selling women displaying their muscles in front of White House.
And does earning a salary necessarily make one non-antiestablishment? Juvenile.... Stupid.... Idiotic.... blah, blah.....

Coming to your pigeonhole idea:
1. Geek - I know as much about computers, as you do about Black-Scholes Model in Options Pricing.
2. Knows too much trivia - Hey, that's a compliment. Thank you, very much.
3. Works in an MNC - No, I don't
4. Chauvinist - Derived from the name of a certain gentleman named Nicolas Chauvin who displayed fierce loyalty towards Napoleon, even though he was severely disfigured and maimed. OK, couldn't resist.
5. Victorian .... - The only Victoria I know of is Victoria's Secret. So, if that gives you an idea of my sense of morality, then so be it. AMEN!!!

11:02 AM  

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