Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kaavya will be proud

This made me go "What the Fuck?!"

Click on the following url:

If you are too lazy, then this is what his profile says:
Hi, I'm Rabi. 24-year old Introverted Homo Sapiens of the Masculine sub-species; Cerebrum gorges on the food-for-thought served by Franz Kafka & Gabriel Garcia Marquez.; Tympanic Membrane flaps in Pachydermian delight at the lilting sounds of Pink Floyd, Doors and Suman Chatorjee; Pet peeves include Capitalism, Communalism and Commercialism of Quizzing.

"Fine Words! I wonder where you stole them?" so said, Jonathan Swift. I guess you are one of those "we all came too late in the world to produce anything new" believers. Inspired by Kaavya, eh?

We all have heard about articles being copied and music being plagiarised. I have even seen questions that I post on certain quizzing yahoogroups being reproduced verbatim at other college quizzes. And that too being directed at me. But, what kind of a freeloader could 'internalise' PROFILE DETAILS???

I can curse you....I can abuse you...I can beat the shit out of you in cyberspace...but all I choose to do is ask you a simple question...Why, Rabi? Why?

Update (01/08/2006): Rabi has sent the following scraps -
Rabi Sankar Saha: Hi Dhananjay...Couldn't think that wld meet u in orkut....Such a way.....Sorry, for copying ur profile....Was feeling lazy to write anything...The time I made my profile....Don't worry dude I'll remove it soon....Hope I'm able to make u understand...
Rabi Sankar Saha: Dude...Don't worry...I have removed it...It was 'momentary lapse of reason'....Didn't want to be another Anu Mallik or Kaavya Viswanathan..... .....

Well, I guess....that ends the matter.