Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just a random post

For the first time in weeks, I am short of ideas. I don't have any topic in mind to blog about and here I am, trying in vain, to type something. Maybe, the tip-tap-tip of the keyboard gives me a certain pleasure. Call it writer's block. Though, to be quite frank, I am no writer. I am just a silly blogger who, in moments of insanity (which in my case, lasts almost throughout the day, except currently), believes himself to be a writer. Its been around 80 words already and I am still searching for a suitable topic.

I can wish you all a Happy New Year and proceed to bore you with my New Year exploits with litres of liquor and packets of cigarettes. But, who writes about them anyways? And, if someone does, who reads?

I can blog about the resort owner's daughter, on seeing whom, the first thought that crossed my mind was, "Is she the reason why this place is named 'Ultimate Paradise'?"

I can rant against those couples I encountered, who sat on their partners laps and cootchie-cooed in broad daylight (or was it moonlight) and danced to the tune of 'Nothing Else Matters'. I can use cuss-words and ask them not to insult Metallica, but I don't feel like it. Maybe, they are just not worth it.

I don't have a love-life to write about. (Not that if I did, I would.) Whatever I had, is history and I would want it to remain that way. Maybe, I am too decent a guy to talk about my ex-es.

I am no expert on political matters to comment on Vajpayee's retirement. I am happy that he finally did. Right man in the wrong party, I guess. Though, which is the right party, I wonder.

I feel like laughing on all those stupid idiots who read Bombay Times at 8.30 in the morning while commuting to their workplace. I can ask them not to insult their intelligence, but I don't care.

I can talk about that girl in the 8.38 Thane-VT slow train who has been reading 'Atlas Shrugged' for the past 10 days. Or, the one with the cute-like-heaven looks whom I eye every morning in the VT-WTC Bus No.2. How I wish I could speak with either or both of them, atleast once. But, I won't.

I can weave a poetic web of fantasy in my attempt to describe the chilly breeze that hits my face and rejuvenates me everytime I climb down 13 floors after moving my ass from my chair at my workplace. But, I don't want to.

I can blog about a fellow-mate who recently took the plunge into wedlock. I can refer to it as "Another One Bites The Dust" or some such, but shall refrain from it.

I can describe the thoughts that crossed my mind when I chanced upon the phony quizmaster Pornob-without-the-B at Baghdadi on the 30th. How I wished to squash his balls and make mincemeat of them. That is, if he has any. What I did instead, was extend my hand in a courteous gesture. And my mind was racing with the filthiest abuses. I can ask you all whether my action was hypocritical, but I won't. I know.


Anonymous pradnya said...

Ginger ale, not a blogpost is the best cure for the hangover syndrome!!

and btw, happy new year

7:44 AM  
Anonymous JK said...

hhahahhaha, a really good random wot-shud-i-write-about syndrome post...btw, how was the 31st outing? A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR dude..

1:50 PM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

Reminds me of this student in MCC who had once delivered a speech on 'what do I speak today?'coz he genuinely didnt know the answer to that...good post

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Acharya said...

A quick one followed by a couple more slowly.....cure for all ailments on earth..... enjoy your hangover.

8:24 PM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

@ Pradnya - Where did I give the impression that I was suffering from a hangover??? Honest!!! Hey, Happy New Year.

@ JK - I was desperately searching for a topic to blog about. I read a few blogs and also the comments on those blogs, and yet could not find a decent topic. Which means, I actually did not have anything to write about. So, I started off just like that and after 15 minutes found that I had written more than 500 words. As they say, (though, don't ask me "Who says?") 'An Empty Mind Is A Devil's Workshop'.
The 31st outing was good. The resort we went to was nice, but it was meant for couples and not for sexually-frustrated souls like me. Hey, Happy New Year, Man.

@ Surya - Hmm...'what do I speak today'...Have a similar story from my school days, when I was supposed to speak on some topic for 10 minutes as part of some public speaking exercise. I was oblivious to the fact that it was my turn that day. And, I rambled on 'What do I speak Today'. Don't ask me, what I actually spoke. All I can say is the students fell off their chairs laughing, while the teacher had both her eyebrows raised and eyes popping out. Now you are free to guess what could have been the content of my 'speech'. Will someday blog about it. Cheers, Mate!!!

@ Acharya - Arre! Mujhe hangover nahin hai. Aur saale. When are you coming back to Bombay? Let's have an all-night binge session with Venky and Roshan and the back-to-masala-doodh Kunal.

3:23 AM  

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