Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dhanno's World This Week

Just back from a one-day trip to Lonavla with three of my friends with my mind rejuvenated and a bit fudged up as well. Though, don't ask me how is both of them possible at the same time.

Highlights of the trip:
1. 155 kmph on Expressway...Yippee...Whoppie...Just feels great with the wind blowing at your face at such high speeds
2. Tried out a full cigar for the first time in my life. Not bad, I should admit.
3. Parking the car at the side of a road and take deep breaths watching the sunset.

The spoiler being none of us took a camera along hoping one of the other three would take care of such 'little' details. Is there a plausible explanation for this phenomenon???

Anywhichways, the mind feels a lot fresher to dish out some meaningless posts on bedroom-bathroom habits of chimpanzees. So watch out.

Also, movies watched in the week:
1. Viruddh - Why did I?
2. Patton - Among the BEST movies I have watched. Need I tell anymore.
3. The Gold Rush - Chaplin at his best. That scene where he battles the wind to stand his ground is HILARIOUS.
4. On The Waterfront - Brando all the way. Ghulam was such a poor rip-off.
5. Pyaasa - The movie reminded me of Atlas Shrugged. Time for my third reading of the Ayn Rand classic.

Books read -
1. E V Rieu's English text translation of Homer's Odyssey - There's something about mythology that fascinates me. More about my love for myth in a future post.
2. Currently, in the midst of 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being' by Milan Kundera.

So, a week that started off with a morose, depressed moi (though the posts portray a different picture) ends up with me sporting a toothpaste-advertisement smile. Eeeeee!!!


Anonymous JK said...

U dumb***, prakarsh told me u guys wanted to take snaps of ur picnic and so cudnt lend me his digicam.. and u guys didnt take it along (let alone use it!)at all?! Saale log...

3:13 AM  

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