Monday, November 28, 2005

Inane Lyrics

Wanted to do a proper post on inane lyrics in Hindi songs. Unfortunately, that would have to wait till a future date. Coz, the first one that came to my mind left me utterly speechless.

Just sample the song 'Muqabla Muqabla' from the movie 'Humse Hai Muqabla':

Jurassic Park Mein Sundar Se Jode Jazz Music Gaaye Milke
Picasso Ki Painting Mera Picha Pakad Ke Texas Mein Nache Milke
Cowboy Dekhe Mujhe Playboy Chhede Mujhe
Sex Mere Tan Mein Hua Mix Mere Mann Mein Hua
Pop Music Jaisi Laila Strawberry Jaisi Aankhein
Love Story Ban Jaane De Kick Thodi Chad Jaane De
Hoton Pe Sabke Dil Ka Taraana

The above lyrics was purely out of memory. So, in the event of any mistakes, kindly pardon me. But, what could be a bigger mistake than actually writing this piece of trash? I mean, what substance abuse was the lyricist under the influence of, when he churned the above. P K Mishra Ne Zaroor Peeke Likha Hai.

And, if you haven't died of laughter, here is another gem. Its actually a Kannada song, that I'd heard when I had been to Mangalore a couple of years back. The lyrics are still fresh in my mind. Here is its English translation:

Waist, Waist, Waist, Waist, Waist, Waist, Waist, Rrrrreeeee.
Waists are a subject of major debate.
But, I am the Vishwamitra on the subject of Waists.
On the Waist lies a big danger.
Below the waist lies a BIGGER DANGER.

(Imp: The Rrrrreeeee at the end of the first line has to be sung in typical Ghaati fashion at the top of your lungs.)

I have absolutely no idea what danger was the lyricist alluding to. But, to borrow Holden Caulfield's now famous expression, the song sure 'killed' me.


Anonymous Jk said...

hahahhaha,totally hilarious... just check out the lyrics of the other songs of tamil->hindi movies like hindustani and the one above.... all of them are equally mind-blowing..

"Telephone dhun mein hasnewali...
Melbourne machli machlenewali.."
- Hindustani

2:25 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

@ JK - How could I forget the great P K Mishra's lasting contribution to the world of laughter. This is how it would sound in real time:
Tring Tring Ha Ha
Tring Tring He He
Tring Tring Hi Hi
Tring Tring Ho Ho
Tring Tring Hu Hu

Another gem. This one comes straight from a heavily decked up Bappi-da from the movie "Rock Dancer" featuring Govinda and Ritu Shivpuri and a guest appearance by Samantha Fox. Here goes the song:

You are my Chicken Fry,
You are my Fish Fry.
Kabhi Na Kehna Kudiye Bye Bye Bye.
You are my Samosa,
You are my Masala Dosa.
Main Na Kahoongi Mundiye Bye Bye Bye.

3:07 AM  
Blogger Salil said...

Nice one! The last one you mentioned reminds me of a song that went "Machhi ban jaoo.ngi, Kabaab ban jaaoo.ngi"!

My favourite though is "Saawan ka mahina, Shaadi bina mushkil hai jiina" which had English lyrics like:
"We want boy handsome handsome
Dashing hero Superman Phantom"!

6:49 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

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7:31 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

Hahahaha....this is soooooooo hilarious...there are lots of specimens like these...songs whose lyrics mean just are sum more examples:

"haye hukku haye hukku haye haye
ye ladki mere saamne mera dil
liye jaye jaye jaye..."

"lovely lovely oh meri bubbly,
maan le dil ki baat,
beeth na jaye raat.."

dunno who created these masterpieces...hahaha

7:36 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

@ Salil - Thanks Mate. I do remember the first song you have mentioned. It goes something like:
Macchi Ban Jaaongi, Sharaab Ban Jaaongi,
Aankhon Mein Band Kare Le, Khwaab Ban Jaaongi.
Hey, do you know the name of the movies from which this priceless gems are???
And, oh yeah. 'Saawan Ka Mahina' from Hulchul featuring Ajay Devgan and Kajol.
"We want girls, Beautiful, Beautiful.
Charming, Tip-top, Beautiful, Beautiful."

@ Surya - This 'Hai Huku' song was from the movie "Gopi Kishan" with Sunil Shetty wearing a 'SODA' shirt. Still dunno what is SODA. Have never heard the other song you are referring to. SHIT!!! Should be spending more time in front of the idiot-box.

Some more:
Kal Saiyaan Ne Aisi Bowling Kari,
Ek Over Bhi Main Jhel Na Paayi,
Teesre Ball Mein Out Hui...

Tum Tata Ho Ya Birla
Raho Carter Road Ya Irla
Par Tum Pe Mera Dil Hai
Mera Dil Bhi Pali Hill Hai
(Me thinks from the movie Chor Machaye Shor, rip-off of 'Blue Streak')

4:25 PM  

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