Monday, October 31, 2005

Diwali Resolutions

Since I have never stayed true to any of my Christian New Year resolutions, here am I, trying my hand at a few Diwali resolutions, that I hope to live up to.

1. Learn to read and write Kannada.
OK, if not read and write, then atleast speak proper Kannada to replace the monosyllabic 'Haudu' / 'Illa' responses that I manage to mouth with great difficulty. To stop the rumour-mills from working overtime, let me emphasise that yours truly is neither dating any Kannadiga chick, nor does he foresee any in the immediate future. In fact, contrary to my otherwise nonchalant attitude towards all things from 'down south', I have suddenly developed a great sense of love and affection for my mother-tongue.

2. Learn how to ride a Bike.
But for that one needs to learn the art of balancing. Which means I will first have to learn how to ride a bicycle. Yes, my dear readers. Its confession time and dirty skeletons are tumbling out of my cupboard. I have never rode a bicycle. My friends have chickened out from teaching me biking, what with unintended 'Dhoom Macha Le' stunts that I manage to perform every time I grip the wheels (or is it, the handle). Anywhichways, are there any takers for midnight lessons on bicycle-riding, so that I am free from all media glare (read, to save myself the blushes of being a laughing-stock)

3. Attend fewer marriages.
Just to guard against the barrage of 'Tera Number Kab Aayega' queries from over-enthusiastic relatives, whom I can hardly identify. It seems everyone is hell-bent on me attaining marital bliss, except poor moi. Since I obviously cannot contend them with the argument that marriage is altogether unnecesary to experience certain highs-and-lows (pun intended), I have decided to take the cowardly way out.



Anonymous Kannada Guest said...

Happy Diwali. It sounds like the "Chiguridha Kanasu" story - that is your developing a great sense of love and affection for your mother-tongue. In any case, wish you all the best. Neevu kannada kalithare nanage thumba santhosha!

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, u try to involve urself with kannada knowing freinds....that help u to learn kannada very easily....eventhough kannada is a very lovely language and we have to respect for our mother tongue...i find this a best resolution..u carry on...all the best…If u need any help from me, I am ready to teach u without fee......And about riding a bike…..try, try till u get success….i mean here, till u learn it ride a bike…..don’t drop it any resolutions and no comments on marriage even I am not interested for all

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bahala Santosha that u are trying to learn Kannada.
BTW are u a Bangalorean

1:33 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

@ Kannada Guest - Thanks mate.

@ Anonymous # 1 - Alright, alright. I will live upto all my resolutions. Provided you write good English. :) Just Kidding Man / Woman. I get a feeling you are a female whom I know.

@ Anonymous # 2 - Nice to know that my learning Kannada, makes you happy. Still haven't been able to figure out why??? :) BTW, I'm a Mangalorean. (Though for all practical purposes, I call myself a Bombayite. And I'm a die-hard Bombay supporter.) And my Tulu is real pits. Within a couple of sentences, it becomes a mixture of English, Kannada and Hindi, with Tulu words few and far in between.

3:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Jyothi "Nice to know, u r learning Kannada!! Yes, Kannada is melodious or melliflous language." Wish u all the best.

11:47 PM  
Blogger Ritesh Nadhani said...

Dont worry, even I dont know how to ride a 2-wheeler. Last rode a bycycle in Std. 2 so I dont think I can handle it again.

BTW, me from Blore for 5 years and still havnt learnt more then 2 words of that language.

5:33 AM  

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