Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Great Arindam Circus!!!

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle.
- Ayn Rand

I started blogging a couple of weeks back, because I thought its a private space where I can word my thoughts, air my views and vent my rants, and in the process, meet a few people who share my beliefs. Where nobody could steal the I from Me.

Sadly, IIPM doesn't think so. Ask Gaurav, Ask Rashmi, Ask Varna...

IIPM, an institute whose sole mark of presence in the Indian B-School sphere is its full-page ads in leading newspapers, urging you to 'Dare To Think Beyond'. But, whose vision extends right upto the length of a ponytail.
IIPM, an institute whose academic worth is as suspect as the credentials of Arindam and Malay.
IIPM, an institute that boasts of - faculty drawn from Harvard and Yale; Wi-Fi Campus; joint research with Stanford Univ; corporate recruiters like Coke, AT Kearney and McKinsey; research centre in Toronto.......the list of their 'achievements' is endless.

If all these claims were indeed true, why aren't potential B-school aspirants salivating at the prospect of being admitted into such an esteemed institution? Why aren't the best of the brains from across the student community falling over each other to gain entry into the hallowed precincts of IIPM?

The answer is simple - IIPM fabricates truth. It manufactures facts. It concocts truth-potions that are served down the throats of students. Repeated servings have helped them create a make-believe world of their own.

Challenge them and they indulge in antics (Threats and Slander) that were till now the reserve of politicians and big businesses. Over the years, its sole defence strategy has been to parrot the cliched "IIMs are jealous of us" line.

Could it not have armed itself with proof and thus substantiated its version of the story? Where was the need to send e-mails to Gaurav and Varna and issue so-called 'first notice of legal summons'? How could senile/insane/sadist individuals like OracleCoder fall prey to the demon within and indulge in language suited for street-side brawls?

In the entire fiasco, a severe condemnation should be reserved for IBM. How could an organisation that feeds on 'Think' theme, let go of Gaurav? If only it had said, "To hell with IIPM. We are with you. In fact, we will stand in front of you." IIPM and its entire battery of Goebbels-resembling propaganda experts would have been peeing in their pants.

But, we shall fight. For TRUTH and for JUSTICE....

So, Bye, Bye. Mr. Arindam Bhai,
Shove your Ponytail, up your little ass so high.

PS: IIPM legal eagles, do not bother sending me a notarized e-mail. Just msg me the amount at 09821842410. Also add the SMS charge of Rs. 1.50


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its clear that only confirmed morons have joined IIPM in the past and there will be many confirmed morons who will join IIPM in the future. No amount of blogging can save any moron from joining IIPM. So IIPM management have actually proved that (a) they are morons when they sued and protested. (b) they don't know that they are morons and need bloggers to tell them that. (c) they don't know that their students are morons and need bloggers to tell them that

11:30 AM  

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