Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gaurav vs. IIPM

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

I am sure you all must have encountered the full-page ads urging one to "Dare to Dream Beyond". With its claims of 100% placements and faculty drawn from the best b-schools around the world, one is indeed likely to fall for the bait.

JAM Mag scratched a little deeper and scratched hard. This is what they found.
Responding to the above article in a fashion that depicts their true character, IIPM officials barged into the JAM office and filed a legal notice.

Gaurav Sabnis, whose Vantage Point ranks among the most popular blogs in Indian cyberspace, posted the JAM article link on his blog and added a few of his comments here.

What followed was slander of the cheapest kind. The lewd comments by some of the 'IIPM-supporters' viz., OracleCoder and The Real Gaurav Sabnis have to be read to be believed. All those allegations of Rashmi Bansal's (JAM Editor) lesbian instincts and her hitting it off with young journos, will make you squirm. RAPE OF BLOGDOM DECENCY!!!

Overnight, various blogs sprang up in support of IIPM, lauding its 'achievements', its infrastructure, blah, blah, blah... Needless to say, all these fake-blogs carry just one post. And yes, one also read the supposed expose by Aaj Tak about JAM being paid by Amity to write against IIPM.

Then, IIPM decided to sue Gaurav for, guess how much... 125 crores. No doubt, he laughed till he fell off his chair. To borrow a friend's phrase, I was laughing till I was bouncing off the walls like an out-of-control Yo-Yo.
With statements like these, who wouldn't:
"We are also providing your details to respective national and regional police authorities for undertaking and implementing immediate arrest warrants against you."
"Refrain in the future from releasing any news item containing IIPM's reference without the prior explicit written approval of IIPM." (Thought Police, Anyone)

Finally, Gaurav quit his IBM job because of this.

I have met Gaurav only once in my life. And that too recently at a quiz that he hosted. My interaction with him was limited to enquiring about a common friend of ours. But if a blog is a reflection of one's personality, then I am indeed a poor person, not to have known him well.

But, this is not about friends and friendships. Its about principles, about ideals and about morals. Its about what we hope to stand for and be known as, but are rarely afforded the opportunity. But Gaurav has. Not just through his posts but also in real life, when taking the apologetic-practical way would have been so easy and enticing, especially when his job was involved.

The issue has already assumed epic proportions with Desi Pundit, Amit Varma, Kitabkhana and various other personal blogs intending to carry it forward to its logical conclusion. Justice!!!

PS: Check Amit Varma's blog and http://technorati.com/search/IIPM for further links.


Anonymous K.K. said...

IIMs always Outthink the students whether it be the CAT exam or in the classroom.

But IIPM has unfortunately outthought itself by shooting down their own throat. I have my own reservations on the procedure of admissions at IIPM. ( more on this later )

When I saw the comments made at rashmi Bansal's blog I did not expect such a indecent behaviour from the iipmers. The comments has cleared all the doubts about the emotional quotient and maturity of the guys who are studying or who have studied there. why just blame the students. the management also has been lying for so long that when the truth was brought in the open they tried all their blackmailing ( read mgmt. techniques ) antics to hide it .
For most of the fellas at IIPM it was unbelievable. I can understand that. But fellas you must know that sometimes Truth is stranger than fiction. As a prof. in my college used to say " Concentrated Unadulterated 100 percent Bull Shit ". I think that line sums up for ****.

As for Gaurav , hats off to this dude.

Dhanajay keep up the good work !

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Pradnya said...

Hats off to Gaurav Sabnis for sticking to his principles. I've been reading his blog quite regularly. I agree. He seems like one amazing person.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its clear that only confirmed morons have joined IIPM in the past and there will be many confirmed morons who will join IIPM in the future. No amount of blogging can save any moron from joining IIPM. So IIPM management have actually proved that (a) they are morons when they sued and protested. (b) they don't know that they are morons and need bloggers to tell them that. (c) they don't know that their students are morons and need bloggers to tell them that

11:32 AM  

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