Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quiz Round-Up

Had been to a Gen+Biz quiz organised by Chetana Inst of Mgmt St at Y B Chavan Auditorium on the 7th. Went simply because the quiz was being hosted by Gaurav Sabnis.

Teamed up with my good ol' pal Hansraj and named ourselves as 'Crimemaster Gogo & Gunmaster G9'. Business qns were a lot easy and we got a lot of kick, cracking a few hardcore Gen qns. Topped the elims and were battling it out in the finals against Amit Varma + partner, Arvind + partner, Amit Pandeya + Kiran, IIFT duo and another team I cannot quite recollect, but are quite active in the Pune quizzing circuit.

We were in the hunt in the initial part, but soon Amit Varma's team just blazed through, finally winning by a handsome 35 point margin. Had a lot of fun throughout the finals and ended up joint 4th. I am kicking myself for the Michael Moore ans. If only I had given the entire funda. SHIT!!!

One advice to Gaurav: I understand that you are not a hardcore biz quizzer, but try and improve the biz content. And ensure that the qns are of almost the same difficulty level. There were quite a few sitters in between.

But, overall was a much better quiz than all the Basu and Derek and Pornob crap that Bombay quizzers have become accustomed to. Will be there for your next Bombay quiz, Gaurav...


Blogger Gaurav said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Dhananjay. Suggestions duly noted too.

7:58 AM  

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