Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Deny Till You Die

Example 1:
Suppose you ask a friend, "How's your job going?" Pat comes the reply, "Arre Yaar. Aish chal rahi hai." Their eyes give you no reason to believe their words. Being the nice guy that you are, you obviously don't press the issue further. A couple of weeks later, you hear about him/her having quit coz, it wasn't satisfying enough.

Example 2:
There's a girl you are good friends with and who gives you a subtle hint about wanting to go out on a proper date with you. (Don't ask me what constitutes a proper date.) Now, if you don't get the hint, get ready to be bombarded with terms like Dumbo / Dodo / Dickhead. But, if you do and end up asking her out, she will invariably shoot back that long, blank how-could-you glance, as if quite surprised. Almost makes you feel, "Hello! I haven't asked you to sleep with me. Not Yet."

Qn - What links these two examples?
Ans - Some people live in an eternal mode of denial.

(PS: The above two incidents MAY or MAY NOT bear any resemblance to real life events in my life. They MIGHT be purely intentional and NOT AT ALL coincidental.)


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