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Over the past 18 months or so, I have been to various colleges across India to participate in quizzes. They have been more or less restricted to Business Quizzes. And the experience has been far from satisfactory. That is, if one leaves aside the winning part of it. I have won quite a few and have been there in the big league, so to say.

But, being a true quizzer, I have to admit that an overwhelming majority of these quizzes have left a lot to be desired. I cannot remember the number of times I have sat through shoddy quizzes by so-called professional quizmasters and cursed them for ruining my evenings. Have witnessed Sid Basu boogie-woogie on stage and Derek No Brainer degrade participants. In the process of taking quizzing to the masses, they have reduced it to the level of a tamasha.

Any rant on the pathetic state of affairs in Indian quizzing will be incomplete without a mention of Pornob-without-the-B. In the garb of catering to die-hard quizzers, he has done the maximum damage to the spirit of quizzing. The blatant lies and concoted truths that he spews off quicker than the blink of an eye are the stuff of legends.

So all ye people out there, hear...I'M UP FOR GRABS!!!

If your college/institution wants to do a quiz for quizzers and not for the family, here I am.
If you believe that the centre of attraction should be the quiz and not the quizmaster, here I am.
If your sponsors aren't hankering you for a celebrity QM, here I am.
If you want a quiz without the flashy presentations and high-tech gizmos, here I am.
If you want a quiz without the nonsensical anything-under-the-sun or any-page-from-the-newspaper rounds, here I am.
If you are looking for a QM who can pass logical/witty comments without going overboard, here I am.
If you are a believer in 'simple quiz format' and 'tough yet enjoyable quiz content', here I am.
If you want a QM who makes, neither tasteless remarks at participants nor passes at female organisers, here I am.
Lastly and most importantly, if you crave for original, well-researched questions, here I am.

What I have...
I do not want to gloat over quizzes that I have conducted so far. Its for you to find out. For starters... ARMAGEDDON. Ask any Bombay-based business quizzer worth his salt and he/she shall inform you.

What I can...
General, Business, Sports, Literature and Entertainment. I guess that pretty much covers the entire spectrum.

What I will...
There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. So, SHOW ME THE MONEY. When I do my job, I expect to be paid for it. It will be peanuts when compared with exorbitant-to-the-extent-of-extortion amounts that are charged by 'biggies'. But, charge...I will.

Ph: 09821842410



Anonymous alkyron said...

hey man, glad to hear from u on my blog.... cool so ur at Kalwa ehh..

i pass thru that way on way back n forth frm work :D

6:08 AM  
Blogger Anish said...

dhananjay hi
came across ure blog for the first time, having heard of u from guys like mitesh and others..
i echo ure opinions ofthe state of affairs of so called "organised quiizes" in the country...
sid basu is a joker in an bald man's body, dregs nobrain an alcoholic megalomaniac, and giri is still playing catchup with his overdone connects and ceo photos and worthless yes it is indeed a welcome change to sit thru a different kind of a farce, a porno(b) quiz!..anyways...i subscribe to ure views taht we need quizzes with content to push out these idiots of the stage...
i have a quizzing blog at
PS: name's anish, am based in chennai, so gimme a buzz if ever u come to chennai for a biz or general quiz.
PPS: blogtip-why dont u change settings to get comments as a popup?

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Jk said...

Dude, here r the links to the IRON Maiden Debacle:

...Bloody can they have the b**** to do something like this to a band of IM's calibre...

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Jk said...

Sorry dude, first link doesn't work... just do a google (iron maiden osbourne) and u'll get all the dope...

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... modest...aren't we???

10:25 PM  

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