Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sapna Mera Toot Gaya....

Nahin!!! Mera Stan-C Dream Run registration ko reject kiya gaya. Also, the Supreme Court rejected my petition seeking 0.0001% reservations for Shettigar Khandaan.

Not that I would have done too well, this time around. Yeah! 7 kms might be regarded as short-change or chutta paisa by a lot of people including my Big B. (Incidentally, my brother harbours ambitions of running half-marathon next year and full marathon the year after.) But, all the cigarettes have indeed taken a heavy toll on my stamina. Though yours truly quit smoking recently, there was probably no chance of him completing a proper 7 km run without the customary stopovers. To compound problems, I don't even have the Pooja Bhatt kinda legs to expose and hitch rides. (Not that she had great legs, anyways.) In all probability, I would have sputtered and stuttered and breasted the tape long after the organisers had gone back home and consumed a nice hot lunch. OK! Add a mid-afternoon quickie, as well. I am not much of a distance runner anyways. Give me a 100 m dash anyday and this Dhanno will run faster than what my equine namesake ran when Basanti's izzat was at stake. Bets!!!

But, in typical Arnie fashion, I'll Be Back. Jogging, Main Aa Rahaa Hoon....


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