Monday, April 17, 2006

Mera Number Kab Aayega???

Alternative title: Three-Time Unlucky Quizzer

(This pic is from the Bombay regionals. The extreme right guy (no pun intended) is me. And, table-tennis was farthest from my mind. The white-shirted guy with a Come-Smooch-Me-Hottie expression is my partner Tushar.)

BT-Acumen, Tata Crucible and now BEQ. My National Runners-Up juggernaut continues. The pain of having lost the Finals of Brand Equity Quiz on the last question seems to have subsided to a very large extent. Gone are also the "What if?" nightmares that I have had ever since.

"So What, Nobody Died" was Lance Klusener's classic statement after that '99 WC Semi-final against Australia. Wish I could be as nonchalant as him. Its true nobody died, but what died was that dream of peering down my third-floor apartment to catch a glimpse of a Ford Ikon resplendent under the warm morning sun. Aaaahhhh...

Magic moment: Semi-finals tie-breaker against Vizag Steel.
After we answered 'First Euro transaction'...jumped from my seat...walked behind it...punched the air...shouted a 'YES'...turned back to see my grinning partner...gave a hi-five...and both shouted 'YES'. Pure, unabashed joy. This is what one quizzes for. Will never forget those five seconds for the rest of my life.


Blogger Amit Pandey said...

If a Question like " Tell Me the No of Zeroes in a Crore" can figure in a National Finals , it is perfectly normal for you to lose it, more out of shock that is :)))

For me the Magic Moment will always remain the Quiz Finals of IIM-A, wherein you zapped me, Acharya & the Quiz Master Siddhartha Basu by replying "LVMH" on just hearing "In 1854"

Anyways, congrats on your awesome performance considering it was a maiden foray at the Circus...

7:15 AM  
Blogger CruciFire said...

Kudos to u man...(bows with his hands stretched out..) dude u know u r damn good, v know, a LOT of ppl know...dnt be dejected and trust me ur track record of coming 2nd in 3 of india's largest (in wotever sense!) quizzes proves ur mettle (or shud I say METAL in our case ;)).. keep rocking and dnt ever stop quizzing due to such silly upsets...

7:32 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

Oye, gaddi ka bet toh mere saath tha na? ab tu ye soch k woh kaisa poora karega? :-)

Winning the silver consistently is not a joke. Proud of you.
(ps: am saying u won the Silver, not lost the Gold :-) and you know wat that means, dont you?

9:12 PM  
Blogger aShWiN said...

Bakwass bandh kar...the party is due!!

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Sourabh Shukla said...

Nice guys always finish second last and we all know that it was an awesome performance given the well known standard of the QM and anyways as rightly said the party is due.. ;-)

3:51 AM  
Blogger Dhananjay Shettigar said...

@ Amit -
That "How many zeroes in a crore" was the pits.
The LVMH answer, I just happened to remember it. But, the look on Sid Basu's face was PRICELESS!!!
What I will also remember forever is the way we fought back in the last round of BT-Acumen West Zone Regional Semi-Finals. And then proceeded to make mince-meat out of the same team in the Finals.

@ Crucifire -
Stop Quizzing...No way, Man.
And I know all that jazz about consistency. But, it hurts. Being a quizzer, you hurts.

@ Surya -
Yaar, woh gaadi ka chota model chalega kya :)
Aur tu bhi...consistency and all...I mean theek hai. But still...

@ Ashwin -
Party!!!...What Party???...Kayka Party???...Who are you???...

@ Saurabh -
Hahahaha...Nice guys. Now you are assuming that I am a nice guy.
Party!!!...What Party???...Kayka Party???...Who are you???...

4:00 AM  
Anonymous flaashgordon said...

Had not been readin blogs for sometime so saw this only now!

Would you feel better if i told you that i had to shell out whole 2.01 lakhs to get that ford ikon in hand (ie: 1.32 lakhs TDS, 47K road tax, 17K insurance and 5000 registration)and around 70-80 irritating STD calls to get the work done.

On the win, we know that in a derek quiz it is usually just luck-someone or the other will get those blatantly repeated questions. Also we know it just depends on who is quicker on the draw..we were almost down n out b4 my pardner somehow got the last 2 right on the buzzer!So that was that!

Neway BEQ returns every year; 5 times ive tried it b4 but i never even got on stage in the regional round- ur turn will come for chill


10:25 PM  

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